Ten Things About Holding Hands

1. We assume competence.

2. We value EBT (evidence-based treatment).

3. We respect neurodiversity (among our staff and the clients we serve)!

4. We support individual differences and celebrate each milestone, no matter how big or small!

5. Neurodevelopmental disorders are not “One Size Fits All.” We tailor the program for the child/teen/adult, not just place them in a program.

6. We have interdisciplinary training (behavioral, social, developmental health).

7. Building rapport with the client and family is the starting point of any therapeutic relationship.

8. This is not just a job for us, but our calling. Our work comes from the heart.

9. The most valuable clinical lessons are taught to us by our amazing kiddos and the clients that we serve.

10. We are a team: Client-Centered + Family + Collaborative Clinical Team + Supportive Administrative Team = Success.

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