Our Staff

Ziba Nassab CEO

Ziba Nassab, CEO

Director of Clinical Services, Psy.D DIR Certified Clinician/ Educator PEERS Certified

Lisa H. Overbeck

MT-BC, Advanced DIR FloortimeTM Provider Associate Director of Clinical Services

Eric R. Kane

M.Ed. BCBA., ABA Program Coordinator

Alice Arabian

M.S, BCBA , Associate Director of In-Home ABA Services

Simina Eshtenhardi

Ph.D., LMFT # 107463 License Marriage and Family Therapist

Elicet Gonzalez

M.S., AMFT, Social Skills Program Coordinator and Bilingual Parent Trainer

Candida Gallegos

B.A, DIR Certified, DIR  Program Coordinator

Carrie Hammond

LMFT, BCBA – Director Of the ABA Program & Mental Health Services

Patrik Boghouzian

M.A., AMFT, Social Skills Coordinator, Clinical Supervisor

Lusine Akelyan

M.A, Associate Director of N.P.A ABA Services

Karina Daoulatian

ABA Program Coordinator, Calabasas

Cindy La Cost

Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY 24638

Sagine Philippeaux

M.S., BCaBA, ABA Program Coordinator Los Angeles South, Clinical Supervisor

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